I was one of the editors invited to participate in the production of this film.

The element I created was called Persephone’s dream, a journey from the underworld.

The film revolves around circus skills and is produced and directed by Rachel Lindsay  – Visit Film Promo Page

Here is the official Blurb…

“SURREAL CIRCUS” is a new, no budget, short circus film, by first time film maker, writer & director Rachael Lindsay. The theme is “a journey from death to life” and is explored through 6 different circus disciplines, each in a different scene/vignette.

The ridiculous avant-garde europop clown duo, Diabolo & Whipcatch, “narrate” this non-linear journey until we’re completely bemused! The film is a perfect combination of beauty, skill, comedy & story, and is made only with the amazing collaboration with various Northern Irish & Irish based film-makers, editors & musicians, Belfast Community Circus based performers and many wonderful volunteers.

Suitable for children over 12 at an adult’s discretion. There is some minor nudity, a little bad language, inuendo, drug references and reference to sexuality and death. It’s equivalent to 12A standard cinema rating.