Public Art is bespoke outdoor art that is created in response to a public space. Because of the costs involved, these artworks generally result from being commissioned by private individuals, corporate clients, councils, or community groups.

I have been undertaking commissions for this kind of artistic output from the early 2000s and have pieces installed on 4 continents but mostly within Ireland and the UK. Working in this vein, particularly with sound-oriented pieces led me to develop my commercial business bingbangbong Ltd. Bingbangbong specialised in developing a range of outdoor musical instruments for schools and public play areas up until the commercial business failed in the recession.  Whilst a ‘product range’ requires a formulaic approach, bespoke public art works always required me to engage fully as artist and design engineer. This permitted me to maintain my links to the artistic concepts and site-specific development that underpinned and lay the foundations for everything that followed

A number of pieces are viewable from the links below however others were not photographed in situ having been shipped internationally and installed by contractors overseas.DSC01243

Public Artworks

  • 2001 – Sonic Garden – Lyric Theatre, Belfast – Client: Lyric Theatre
    • Collaboration with Artists Amanda Montgomery and Alison George


  • 2002 – Whaleback – Lyric Theatre – Client: Young At Art
    • Sound Sculpture in garden.


  • 2004 – Sensory Sound Garden – Client: Surestart Tilbury
    • Full garden with bespoke interactive artworks for young children – Collaboration with Landscape Architect Peter MacDonald


  • 2005 – Snake & Eggs – Brandywell Community embankment – Client Groundwork NI
    • Heavy Duty Sound Artworks in challenging environment


  • 2006 – Bell Tree – Hampton Court Palace Flower Show – Client: Ginkgo Gardens
    • RHS Award Winning Garden – Centerpiece kinetic sound sculpture ‘Bell Tree’


  • 2007 – Cymatic Pool – Dancing Water – Southport Flower Show – Client: Andy Kirman
    • Damaged in transit to client!


  • 2008 – Megarimba & Shishi-odoshi – Client Private school London
    • Large outdoor resonated Marimba & water-powered sound piece – installed in private School


  • 2009 – The International – Client IKEA
    • Prototype interactive play sculpture considered for installation in IKEA stores worldwide


  • 2010 – Sound Garden for Children. Client: Private nursery West Belfast
    • Interactive sound & sensory garden


  • 2010 – Waterless Bridge – Client Groundwork / Antrim Borough Council
    • Heavy duty interactive sound sculpture – Rathenraw Estate Antrim