I am accepting commissions from clients to create High Dynamic images for their needs.

If you like the style of the work you have seen or would like to discuss your needs please don’t hesitate to use the Contact Form and I’ll be happy to have a chat to see how I can meet your needs.

So…where or what might you want to capture in High Dynamic image?

  • Corporate Headquarters – lobby & office art
  • Imaging for promotional materials and official reports
  • Council Parks and tourist features all year around
  • Calendar and tourism images
  • Capture landscaping in high colour
  • Capture a favourite vista as a gift or memory
  • Selling property?
    • Property showcases – interior and exterior
      • Sharp – Professional wide angle lenses & lens correction
      • Fast – Natural & domestic light only
    • Developer Show Houses
      • Enhance the emotional appeal of each property type
      • Enhance presentation of wider development setting & layout
  • I can also provide
    • Printing all sizes and on various materials
    • Animated slide show of your images
    • High Definition Interior and Exterior Video
      • Low height video crane

As you have seen, this site contains many artistic impressions rather than realism. This is a choice. I do that to evoke the viewer’s scenic memory, an emotional and vivid representation to bring them closer to the experience of actually being there.

These may of course be processed as straightforward images and optimised to maintain the dynamic range and vibrant colours but with a more natural, photographic feel. Each picture starts off with professional high quality RAW images and we can do a lot with an image in that format.

Below will be an example of some of the ways it is possible to treat an image